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Serious Games and Design Thinking Ignite Teachers’ Creativity

Serious Games embedded in education models that can impart 21st century skills to students at a large scale

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Guru -G is Vita Beans’ Serious Gaming platform for teaching, teacher training & teacher certification that aims at bridging the gap between training and classroom teaching.

Teachers use Guru-G as an in-class tablet/mobile companion that helps them learn new skills & customize their teaching methods in real-time to fit class mood & student performance.

Amruth B R is the CEO of Vita Beans Neural Solutions, a company he formed while still an undergraduate.

"We are one of the first companies in India to build games-based assessments for non-scholastic abilities like cognitive skills (memory, attention, problem solving, spatial thinking, etc.) and personality (motivations, extroversion, empathy, emotional skills, etc.),” B R says. “We’ve helped some of the largest assessment and education companies in India design and develop products that focus on developing and evaluating non-scholastic skills in school students.”

“India has over 200 million kids in the school-going age. So scale is a big factor to consider when discussing any change/solution. If we can figure out education models that can impart 21st century skills to students at such a large scale – that will be a first step towards revolutionizing education in India.” says Amruth B R.

Guru-G main features include an adaptive teaching algorithm and content is inserted through teaching packs that can be localized for curriculum, language and culture. According to their website, it works on the same principles that are used in today’s games to make teaching fun and addictive for teachers. It also collects analytics on what is taught in class and how it is taught in class.
Guru-G is available on iOS, Android and also as a web application. It also provides methods to assess, revise and analyze student lessons and performance. The app takes into account non-scholastic metrics to see how students perform in class. The non-scholastic assessments help teachers understand and focus on individual problem areas. The Guru-G platform also allows teachers to create their own games and learning experiences by simply dragging and dropping elements.
The founding team has a collective experience of over 30 years in education. Their products have helped teachers adopt game based learning & assessments have been commercially adopted across 12 states in India. They have partnered with foundations & companies that directly support over 4000 schools and reach over 3 million students.
Guru-G is also one of the top 11 tech companies from around the world selected to join Unreasonable-At-Sea, a global tech accelerator by Unreasonable Institute & Stanford d.School and a radical experiment in global entrepreneurship, design-thinking, and education to scale-up effective technological solutions to the greatest challenges of our time ((They are now finished with their inaugural voyage and are currently in the planning phases).

Here is a 2 minute video that explains it all: