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Google+ Pages Badges Are Now Out Of Preview With Updated +1 Count

The Google+ badge has graduated out of preview today. For those who’ve already added the code, this means all users will be able to see the badge starting today.

Featuring both an ‘add to circle’ and a ‘+1’ button, the Google+ badge
helps you grow your audience on Google+ while also showing more
recommendations on Google Search.

If you have linked your Google+ page to your site, the count of +1s on
the badge will represent the +1s across your brand including those
from your home page, your Google+ page, and any ads you’ve linked via Social Extensions.

Please note, once you’ve linked your Google+ page to your site, there
may be a delay before the count shown on the badge includes +1s from across your brand. During this delay, the badge will show the count of +1s from your Google+ page.

Get your Google+ badge with the badge configuration tool:

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