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Serious Games For Brands Event

Where Brands meet Serious Games

Via: Games for Brands

Games for Brands launches in London on October 27th. Games for Brands aims to create a forum where Brands meet Serious Games. The benefits of such a forum would include exploring the possibilities of forming strategic partnerships between games creators and content owners and harnessing the psychological insights garnered by decades of game design to enhance brand loyalty.

Here is the event teaser according to the official website:

If you’ve not had your head in the sand since the beginning of 2011, it won’t have escaped your attention that everyone’s talking about gamification, and how brands can harness the power of games to engage better with their customers”.

“On October 27th, Games for Brands launches in London and if you’re unsure about the impact that games are already having on the media and marketing landscape, we've prepared a short video that you can check out here”:

“If you want to find out more, then Games for Brands is THE place to be. You’ll be able to learn from some of the leading players from the worlds of games, marketing and customer engagement”, including:

Tom Chatfield - Author of ‘Fun Inc’ and object of my prior post Serious Gaming And The Psychology Of The Reward Schedule

Kam Star – PlayGen Chief Play Officer and object of my prior post PlayGen Journey From Serious Games To Not So Serious Play

Eze Vidra – Google Strategic Partnerships Manager

Learn how these companies have transformed their communications and how they engage with their customers using games