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Serious Gaming With Google Plus Cross-Posting

Serious Games challenging us to play at building better social networks

After a couple of days playing with Google+ basics (I must confess that rounding up my circles has consumed most of the time), I came across the Start Google+ Extension for Chrome, which helps to increase productivity across Google+, Twitter and Facebook networks, especially in terms of my Serious Games articles cross-posting.

Start Google+ is designed to help you jump right into Google's new social network. Here are a few things that the plug-in can do:

* Automatically post to Facebook AND Twitter whenever you share something on Google Plus (you can turn this on/off from within the share window in Google Plus)

* Add a Gmail inbox notifier to the top bar, so that you do not have to keep a Gmail tab open. Clicking on the Gmail icon shows a menu with the unread messages that let you access your emails directly inside Google+.

* And if you visit Streamified (prior Start Google+) you can also transfer or sync your photos from Facebook, and get a Google+ Nickname

Here is a consolidated path:
Download Streamified for your internet browser (either Chrome or Firefox)
The browser extension not only makes run faster, but also lets you:
  • Share any page, link, or image to all your streams with the click of a button
  • View your streams and post to them from within Google Plus, as if they were all a part of Google Plus