Serious Games As In-Store POS Applications

YDreams' Serious Games Helping Customers Choose The Right Fragrance

Rebellion Lab, a digital strategy boutique, has posted an interesting article on their blog about YDreams' Sensorium for L'Oreal: Bringing Innovation to Perfumes.

Sensorium, designed by Portugal-based YDreams, is an in-store P.O.S app debuted at Portuguese Perfurmes & Companhia stores. The app help customers choose the right fragrance.

“The goal was to bring innovation to the perfumes industry,” says Project Manager Paulo Silva.

The interactive display lets in-store customers choose the fragrance that best fits their personality and style. Here’s a video explaining it:

Here are also some of Rebellion Lab great quotes:

"The mobile Internet is radically changing consumer expectations. The ability to be always connected brings out in stark contrast the things that are not. We’re a long way from The Internet of Things, but getting there."

"Nobody really knows where the future is heading, but YDreams seems to have a better sense than most. Plus, they seem to have the combined tech + design acumen that few outside Apple seem to possess."

"As the digital world continues to break free from computing devices and becomes an increasingly important part of the physical world – from urban environments to physical stores – technology could radically change the way the world looks."

"And if you want to know how that future world will look, keep an eye on YDreams."

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