RealTime Immersive Technology Demo For More Realistic Serious Games

Serious Games challenging us to play in a more realistic environment

Via: RealTime Immersive on YouTube - RealTime Immersive Inc. - Technology Demonstration

RealTime Immersive has just uploaded the video below to YouTube.
This video is a Serious Games technology demonstration, showcasing the power of their CryENGINE software development kit being used in various Serious Games projects.

All parts of this video have been captured out from real-time in-game scenes, such as:

Full Time of Day Transition

A powerful dynamic lighting system allows changing the time of day in real-time. A replication of the geospecific training site A77 at Eglin Air Force base can be seen in this part of the video.

Dynamic Weather Environment

CryENGINE supports simulation a large number of different weather environments. Scenarios can be set up to simulate extreme weather conditions like snow storms or Tornados.

Advanced Integrated Physics

A powerful physics simulation system is a core part of CryENGINE. This highly optimized system allows for any object in the game world to be simulated with high detail of physical simulation.

 SketchUp Model Import - CryMod

CryENGINE can import many different formats. A SketchUp plug-in can be used to quickly import new content into any CryENGINE scenario.

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