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XAITMENT Turns Students Concepts Into Intelligent

A step forward for life like AI in Serious Games

Via: xaitment inc.

Following my prior posts XAITMENT Brings Emotional Intelligence To Serious Games, XAITMENT Incorporates Lifelike AI Into GIANTS Upcoming Serious Game, XAITMENT BrainPack: A Step Forward For Lifelike AI In Serious Games and XAITMENT Grows Into North American Market, here are some inspiring news from xaitment's monthly update.

xaitment Supports GAMES ACADEMY in Germany With Free AI Tools

xaitment is supporting students at GAMES ACADEMY with the free use of its artificial intelligence tools. While designing games and game features at the academy, students can use xaitment's tools to bring realistic and life-like artificial intelligence to their projects and games.

The GAMES ACADEMY, with locations in Berlin and Frankfurt, is a specialized college for training in the areas of computer and video game production.

Founded in 2000, the GAMES ACADEMY™ was conceived to be the German-speaking countries' first college to specialize in computer and video game production.