Juf-in-a-Box: Tablet Serious Games Improve Handwriting

Tablets helping to create a Learning Ecosystem

Via: Ranj Serious Games - Learning to Write In an Effective, Innovative Fun Way

Ranj Serious Games, a leading developer in the field of Educational Serious Games, has recently released a trailer of one of its current ‘creations-in-progress’. The game is called Juf-in-a-Box and is being developed in cooperation with Donders Institute For Brain, Cognition and Behavior, Avans Hogeschool - University of Applied Sciences, and the Radboud University of Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.

The game aspires to make handwriting practice more fun, thus increasing the Time-On-Task.

According to Ranj Serious Games, a good writing education gives a child a lifetime advantage, as it influences language development, text comprehension and fine motor skills.

Research has shown that Time-On-Task in particular plays a major role in the development of handwriting skills. How to ensure that children spend enough time practicing? Ranj answer is “by making it fun”.

With Juf-in-a-Box (Teacher-in-a-Box), writing lessons are treated in a playful and educational way. It combines the challenge, feedback and fun of computer games with an adaptive learning method that constantly adjusts to the student level.

Juf-in-a-Box uses easy-to-understand technology. The student writes with a stylus, similar in size to a normal pen, on an all-in-one writing tablet and monitor. Due to the graphical interface, the game is instinctively understood. Through this, the system makes it suitable for children from 4 years and up, hence also for children who cannot read!

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