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CliniSpace @ 2010 I/ITSEC Serious Games Challenge - Showcase Area

Serious Games providing health care professionals with immersive and collaborative training experiences

CliniSpace by Innovation in Learning Inc.
Medical training for healthcare professionals focusing on clinical diagnosis and patient management under time pressure

CliniSpace™ is a full 3D, browser-based platform developed by virtual health care training firm Innovation in Learning in partnership with India-based Indusgeeks  to provide health care professionals with immersive and collaborative training experiences.
CliniSpace™ is available both as Software as a Service (SaaS) and as Licensed Software and addresses pre-existing concerns on the usability and learning performance of clinical health spaces SIMS for training healthcare professionals.
This multi-user, highly interactive Serious Game runs on commodity computers, was one of the 2010 Serious Games Showcase $ Challenge in the category business games.

The CliniSpace™ environment is equipped with interactive medical objects - bed, IV stand, oxygen, suction, medications, supplies, EKG, ultrasound, AED, and more.

A Dynapatient™ is a customizable virtual patient with a dynamic pathophysiology. Users can affect the outcome of the patient by accessing a range of medical interventions and records. Testing, assessment and tracking systems are additional features made available as well as collaborating in the multi-user environment via text as well as voice chat.

Here is CliniSpace Serious Game as showcased at I/ITSEC 2010 - the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Pavilion, this week in Orlando.