Serious Games Institute Forthcoming Event: Future Of Gaming

Serious Games Institute - Wednesday April 14th

SGI Second Wednesday events


How will we interact with technology in the future ?
12 noon - 6pm at the Serious Games Institute, Coventry, CV1 2TL
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World leading speakers from games, virtual worlds, education and health will demonstrate instances of bio-feedback and brain computer interface devices and show how they can be used in educational and health contexts (such as universities and for therapeutic purposes). The event will also include live demos of new human-computer devices.

The programme will include:

12.00-1.30pm Lunch and Networking

1.30-1.50pm Using Brain-Computer Interfaces for virtual worlds: Prof. Sara de Freitas & Dr Ian Dunwell, Serious Games Institute, Coventry University

1.50-2.15pm EEG and Eye Tracking technologies; implications for health and education: Ian Glasscock, Games for Life Ltd

2.15-2.40pm Biofeedback games for health and therapy: Prof Pamela Kato, University Medical Center, Utrecht, Holland

2.40-3.05pm Neurosky Games: John Ribbins, Roll 7 Ltd

3.05-3.35pm Coffee Break

3.35-4.00pm Corwin Bell: Vision Shift Studios

4.00-4.25pm Break out sessions: Prof. Sara de Freitas & Dr. Ian Dunwell

4.25-4.50pm Feedback and Capture

4.50-5.00pm Closing thoughts: David Wortley, Serious Games Institute

5.00-6.00pm Drinks and networking

Remember that you can also join SGI Second Wednesday events live by logging on to its virtual auditorium in Second Life at :-

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