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Serious Games Enhancing College-Level Art History Learning

ARTé: Mecenas is a strategy game developed by Triseum to enhance Art History learning.
Located in Bryan, Texas, Triseum grew out of the LIVE Lab at Texas A&M University. Since then, they’ve partnered with industry leading experts in gaming and instructional design dedicated to building the highest quality educational video games. The approach they take towards product design and development demonstrates a bias towards creating world class digital experiences that profoundly impact students.
ARTé: Mecenas is the first game in the company’s ARTé™ suite, a collection of games with targeted learning outcomes supporting a traditional college-level Art History survey course. Designed to supplement course instruction, Mecenas teaches the interconnectedness of local and international economies in Renaissance Italy, and how those economies influenced art and art patronage.
The game gives players a unique perspective on the Italian Renaissance of the 15th to 16th centuries. Taking the role o…

VR Serious Game Decreasing Electric Utility Industry Liability

Designing Digitally, Inc. (please find also Converting The Complexity Of Real World Sales Into Engaging Serious Games) was approached by an undisclosed client with a unique request for immersive training, which was outside the client’s comfort zone.
The organization had struggled to train electrical line workers on how to effectively clear trees without the hazards of falling timbers, property damage, or even electrical line damage.
They were looking for an innovative way of training the electrical line workers on how to proficiently cut down the trees around electrical lines in residential areas.
They had previously utilized Instructor Led Training (ILT) that was informing the workers how to cut the trees but were seeing the same number of incidents to private property and improper cutting of the trees around the electrical lines. As a result, they were looking for a new and innovative learning approach to train the electrical line workers.

After a detailed analysis, Designing Digital…

EU Testing Use Of Serious Games For Positive Behavioral Changes

Via: eConfidence Project
eConfidence is a European research project on Serious Games and young people behaviors.
Within the project, they aim to investigate the potential role of Serious Games to promote positive changes in behaviors related to bullying and safe use of the internet, and at testing 2 serious games in 10 schools (5 in Spain and 5 in European English-speaking countries), in the academy year 2017/2018, with students aged 12 to 14.
The schools are selected through a Call for Participation.
The Call for schools to participate in the testing is now open at and the deadline for applications is 15 June 2017.
About the Project

The project Case for Action states that Serious Games have become a popular tool for learning, perceptual or cognitive change, but at the same time they have been object of several studies aiming to answer the question whether they are an effective instrument for behavior change.
Confidence in behavior changes through Se…

Serious Play Conference Speakers Preview: Dr. Matthew Farber

How are educators using Serious Games in their classrooms to give students agency, while also teaching 21st Century skills of empathy, systems thinking, and design thinking?

This question has motivated Dr. Matthew Farber's research about educators who are experts of game-based learning, and now informs his current inquiry into teachers who view themselves as learning designers.

Farber will share findings from his dissertation research, which was expanded to a forthcoming book, Game-Based Learning in Action: How an Expert Affinity Group Teaches with Games (Peter Lang Academic, 2017). The book is about how one particular affinity group of K12 educators-known as "The Tribe"- teach with games. It details how classrooms of expert game-based learning teachers functions-from how they rollout games to how they assess learning outcomes.
Matt will give his webinar Thursday, Jun 8 at 4 p.m. PST, 7 p.m. EST.  To listen in, click this link:…

APPLIO Aspires To Change The Way Organizations Utilize Serious Games

Founded in 2007, Applio Limited is on a mission to change the way organizations utilize Game Based Learning and is working in a number of industries to create a library of games.
According to the company’s website, they have developed a unique platform that allows Serious Games to be built in hours rather than weeks, and be easily changed and updated.
Applio is an innovative Digital Games Based Platform expected to deliver major improvements in Employee Engagement, Learning & Development and Organizational Change.
Example Games include: Healthcare - Pressure Ulcer Training and Dysphagia; All Industries - Incident Management, Organizational Change, and Communications; Infrastructure - Rail Personal Track Safety, among others.
The company has been working with East Midlands Trains to produce 3 game-based experiences focused on Personal Track Safety. PTS training is binding for anyone who needs to work on or near the line in the UK.
The three experiences include:
1 - A story based expe…

Are Serious Games The Future Of Executive Education Market?

Carbon capture laboratory at Imperial College London
Via: Financial Times
The Financial Times posted earlier this week an interesting article authored by Helen Barrett. Titled Business Schools Take A Playful Approach To Leadership - From kidnaps to oil rig disasters, Serious Games are helping to train executives,the article isnurtured by the belief that “What the modern employer wants from cutting-edge business schools is less talk and more action” and out of which we have excerpted the following particulars:
“As the dean of a leading business school in the executive education market says, companies are less and less interested in paying for executives to sit passively in classrooms listening to experts.
The future of executive education, says the dean, lies elsewhere. What the modern employer wants from cutting-edge business schools is less talk and more action — or experiential learning, as it is known. It is hands-on, it is demanding and it forces executives to rely on their wits. Most…

2017 Serious Play Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Michael Sutton

Michael Sutton, an evolving presence in the field of Game-Based Learning, is acknowledged internationally for blending his executive, teaching, and scholarly experience with his higher education expertise in Serious Games & Simulations.

Never subscribing to the "sage on the stage" paradigm in higher education or T&D (Training & Development), he has demonstrated enormous success in the delivery of immersive learning experiences. Michael is a fervent evangelist for Serious Games deployment because he knows they work: he has seen the results of the learning outcomes through the career advancement of colleagues, fellow professionals, and learners – his term for students.
“There are probably about 42 different learning strategies, of which games are only one,” Michael says. “What I have found is that Serious Games give a better return on learning than any other tool.”
Sutton has shared his personal journey – a historical narrative that describes his passion and motivatio…