Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Clark Aldrich: How Would Steve Jobs Do Training And Education

Clark has shared the full article on Google+ yesterday under the post: "The most important thing I ever wrote - How would Steve Jobs do training and education”

October issue of Inside Learning Technologies & Skills contains a must-read article by Clark Aldrich: How Would Steve Jobs Do Training and Education (please find also my prior posts Aldrich´s Mechanism For Hooking Up Serious Games Buyers and Sellers and Unschooling Rules – Serious Games As Microcosms For Learning)

Clark has shared the full article on Google+ yesterday under the post: The most important thing I ever wrote - "How would Steve Jobs do training and education”. 

In the article, Clark Aldrich shares his vision for organizational education and defines a future much richer than the past. He describes the context in which he was asked by a certain company the question “How would Steve Jobs do training?” and how he developed the answer in three sections: A) The New ‘Old Product Development’, B) The New ‘Old Training’ and C) The New ‘Old Education’ (Serious Games are addressed under section A). 

Read the full article at ILT - October 2012 issue »

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Serious Games As Collaborative Publishing Carbon Zero Is Out

Serious Games funding creative projects

Following my last year’s post Serious Games As Collaborative Publishing: Join Alex Steffen's Carbon Zero @ Kickstarter, Carbon Zero is out!

Over the last 18 months, Alex Steffen has worked on a community-funded eBook Carbon Zero: A Short Tour of Your City's Future. It was funded through Kickstarter (please find also Serious Gaming To Fund Creative Projects: Gameful Funded @ Kickstarter), the community funding platform.

Carbon Zero draft PDF version was made available yesterday to project supporters for feedback over the next week, as Alex Stephen finalizes Carbon Zero, at which point there'll also be a download link.

About Alex Steffen and Planetary Thinking

“Alex Steffen, a designing optimist, lays out a blueprint for a successful century.” -The New York Times

Alex Steffen is one of the world’s leading voices on sustainability, social innovation and planetary futurism. He is a writer, public speaker and strategic consultant.

Alex was Executive Editor of Worldchanging.com after he co-founded the organization in 2003 until it closed in 2010.

In those seven years, Alex made Worldchanging one of the world’s leading sustainability-related publications, with an archive of almost 12,000 articles and a large global audience (Worldchanging reached over 8 million unique readers and was rated the second largest sustainability site on the web by Nielsen Online in 2008).

Worldchanging’s solutions-based journalism played an important role in revealing formerly obscure innovations and groundbreaking ideas, thereby pushing forward the sustainability movement and changing the way we think about the planet’s most pressing problems.

The critically-acclaimed site won the Utne Independent Press Award, and was nominated for Webbys (the Oscars of the Net) for Best Blog and Best Magazine, as well as Bloggies for Best Writing and Best Group Weblog.

Alex’s role as a leading voice in planetary futurism has inspired over 600 stories in the media, including a CNN documentary and a New York Times Magazine profile. Alex was named to the GOOD 100. Other media include The Guardian, Time magazine, Der Spiegel, Business Week, Fortune, Wired, US News and World Report, USA Today, the L.A. Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Times, Le Monde, The Independent, The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Seattle Times and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Fast Company, SEED, ID, Dwell, ReadyMade, the Associated Press, The New York Review of Books, The International Herald Tribune, The Globe and Mail, The New Statesman, The Nation, New Scientist, Sierra magazine, Outside, Audubon, and The Sun. Steffen has also appeared on the Today Show, LinkTV and several CBC television programs. Radio appearances include numerous NPR and APR programs, the CBC’s the Current, the BBC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Steffen also edited of Worldchanging’s wildly successful first book, Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century (Abrams, 2006), a 600-page compendium of leading solutions from around the world, with a foreword by Al Gore, an introduction by Bruce Sterling, and design by Stefan Sagmeister (winner of the 2005 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award). Worldchanging (the book) has been an Amazon bestseller in the U.S. and Canada, won the Green Prize for sustainable literature and has gleaned wide acclaim, including being named as one of the books of the year by Business Week. The book has been translated into French, German and Korean, and other languages. 

Worldchanging 2.0 Book, greatly reworked and updated, was published in March 2011.

Alex also loves speaking for audiences and has become well-known for his onstage presentations. He regularly speaks to influential audiences and at leading companies such as Weiden + Kennedy, Nike, Amazon, Ideo, Arup, Nau, Steelcase, Carrier, Yahoo!, the World Travel and Tourism Council and the Danish Industries Bright Green trade show during COP-15.

He has also spoken and keynoted at many of the most renowned innovation and design conferences in the world, including TED, Picnic, Pop!Tech, Design Indaba, South by Southwest Interactive and Doors of Perception, as well as at some of the world’s leading universities, including Harvard, Yale and Stanford. He has also spoken for governments ranging from the City of Copenhagen to the Government of New Zealand.

His speech about carbon neutrality in Seattle in 2010 led to that city adopting carbon-neutrality as a city-wide goal. He has also provided strategic insights to over 50 clients.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Online Serious Games Delphi Expert Panel

Social Online Serious Games for Leadership Development

Wouter Grove, a registered Masters student at the Department of Information Systems, UWC, is conducting a Master’s thesis research project at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Wouter’s research topic is Competencies for the Successful Utilization of Social Online Simulation Games (SOSG) In Leadership Development. He is assembling a Panel of Experts to provide comment and assessment on a proposed adaptation of the European Competence Framework’s (eCF 2.0) specifically to the utilization of Social Online Simulation Games in Leadership Development.

The following process is being followed by Wouter Grove:


• Participants are invited to fill in an open-ended questionnaire (estimated time commitment: 30 minutes).


• Your Round 1 Expert Panel responses will be collated with that of the other members of the panel.
• A suggested mapping of Competencies required for utilization of Social Online Simulation Games will be refined based on this input.
• About 30 days after Round 1, you can expect to hear from Grove via e-mail.

• You will then be supplied with a weblink for the Second Round Expert Panel.


• This round will be in the form of a suggested competency mapping, which you will be required to evaluate by means of a 5-point Likert type rating (expected time commitment: 30 minutes).

Participants can indicate via the weblink whether Wouter Grove should forward them a copy of the final study. You are also welcome to invite to participate any of your colleagues that you feel would be able to add value to the study.