Friday, December 24, 2010

X-mas Games by Serious Games Interactive

Serious Games Interactive Invade Christmas

WAWIS WORLD – Christmas Calendar Supplement Game To Save The Environment In Indonesia
Target group: Children 6-10 years
Platform: Single-player, web-based
Technology: Unity 3D
Playtime: 30 minutes

Danish Broadcasting Corporation and Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs chose Serious Games Interactive to develop a 3D online game to supplement their annual Christmas calendar.

The calendar is sold to raise money for children in developing countries and the profit from the 2010 calendar goes to WWF´s work to promote sustainable development in the western part of Papua, Indonesia.

In the game called Wawi’s World, you play Wawi, a young girl from Papua on a mission to try to convince the locals that they should take better care of Papua´s environment and wildlife.

Wawi receives a camera from her mother and with the camera under her arm she ventures into the jungle and out to take pictures of Papua´s extraordinary nature.

The pictures she takes will also be used as evidence of some horrible acts against the environment, such as dynamite-fishing and the destruction of the forest. Each player collects pictures into their own individual photo album and receives a score for each picture.


Watch the trailer for Wawis World:


Serious Games Interactive has just launched its first game for the iPad called Christmas Defense and is currently developing more titles for this new platform.

Christmas Defense is a traditional tower defense game with a holiday twist. In the game you have to strategically place Christmas towers and use Santa powers to prevent the rebellious toys from destroying Christmas. You can use towers such as the Turkey Launcher and the Candy Cane to defend the presents or Christmas will be ruined.

It’s only $0.99 and provides you with 14 different very intense levels.

What really makes this tower defense stand out compared to some of the others? All the models are in 3D instead of a cartoon tower defense. In addition, you can use the so called “Santa Powers” every 24 seconds, which is a real game changer. Not only that, but every tower can be upgraded, so you really need to play it over and over to see what works better.

Should you either place more un-upgraded towers or fewer towers but upgrade them all,  all the towers in the game are even Christmas themed.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Energize: Best Student Entry @ Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

Serious Games for learning and applying energy production trade-offs

In my prior posting, I had already blogged about two teams that  emerged as winners from the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) - 2010 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge: 

The first place award in the Student category went to Energize, a Serious Game created by the University of Central Florida’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) and the Orlando Science Center.

Energize is a Serious Game that challenges players to provide electricity to a growing community, using various energy sources, while keeping emissions minimized. It also teaches about the shortcomings of each technology. For example, if you rely too much on solar power, you have trouble after the sun goes down.

The Serious Game development took about a year and was made possible by a grant from the Progress Energy Foundation and with additional support from the Turner Foundation is now a featured component of the Science Center’s H2Now exhibit, which explores hydrogen power and alternative energy solutions.

During the game, players have five energy producers to choose from: fossil fuel, wind, solar, biomass, and nuclear. Each form has tradeoffs. The player learns that it takes a combination of energy sources to achieve a balance between energy demand, economic needs and environmental concerns.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Serious Games As Audience Games For Brand Marketing

Audience Game powered by YDreams technology picks up a Silver at the Ermis Awards

New York-based Audience Entertainment, co-owned by YDreams, worked with OgilvyOne Greece to develop an interactive media campaign for Cosmote, the largest mobile network operator in that country.

The 3D audience game, powered entirely by YDreams technology, recently picked up an Ermis Silver, in the interactive media category, at the Ermis Awards, the only awards institution for creativity in communication in Greece, organized annually by the Advertising & Communications Association - the highlight of the industry in the country.

Below, a look at the award-winning game being played live at a cinema in Athens:


About Audience Games & Audience Entertainment
Audience Games are aimed at theatres, stadiums, music venues, and exhibition centers worldwide, and have already been proven in over 600 live applications. Audiences moving their bodies as one "human joystick" control simple on-screen videogame action, resulting in amazing audience reception, powerful and lasting brand recall, and a major new revenue opportunity for theatre owners.
Background advertiser messaging in each videogame can be as creative as the advertiser wants, can be easily changed for different geographic and audience demographics, and is proving to be a powerful replacement of obsolete “slideshow” theatre/venue advertising approaches.
Games can be completely tailor made or selected within the available Audience Entertainment game portfolio in which case some graphic elements may be re-skinnable according to the brand corporate image.
“Help me catch the Coca-Cola Bottles”

Help us serve ADES Juice

World Cup

Speed Dating

About the Company

Audience Entertainment is a company based in New York City and co-owned by industry leader YDreams, that creates innovative marketing and advertising experiences and develops a breakthrough sponsored entertainment platform designed to build product and brand equity for innovative global advertisers like MSNBC, Volvo, Orange Mobile, Coca-Cola, Unilever and many others. The Company applies innovation and emerging technology to develop and distribute interactive mass audience games and entertainment content offerings involving audience interactivity embedded in videogames, trailers, movies, and other media.

Audience Entertainment is partnering with local theatre chains and on-the-ground agencies worldwide to offer a unique, on demand Global Entertainment Network to global (and local) advertisers which want to lead the next wave in advertising. Content development revenue, game and display hardware and software revenue, ad program revenue sharing with local theatres, and planned program derivatives including cloned content for PC games, cell phone games, and other related promotions all promise a strong growth opportunity for Audience Entertainment and its partners.

GiftedSpeech: Multilanguage Serious Games Teach Kids To Be Accent Free

Serious Games For Online Interactive Multi-language Learning

Via: GiftedSpeech

GiftedSpeech is a start-up company that aims to teach children foreign languages, accent training, and cultural appreciation through an innovative online platform.

According to the company, while there are a number of language-training products available to young children today, none offer the complete interactive solution that GiftedSpeech does.

Existing language-learning products teach through traditional means such as books or DVD’s, while GiftedSpeech teaches through personalized language-learning software specifically developed for eLearning.

GiftedSpeech’s interactive and entertaining computer modules have foreign words and sounds embedded within the narrative, which give children the foundation for understanding a variety of languages - not just one - and familiarizes them with the kind of linguistic nuances needed to be accent free for life.

GiftedSpeech: Interactive Language-learning
New York, NY – December 14, 2010 – In today’s globalized world, foreign language skills are becoming increasingly important. Children under the age of 10 have an innate ability to absorb the words, sounds and intonations of languages – an ability that diminishes with age.
While there are many options available to parents who want their children to learn a new language, none offer a complete interactive teaching solution. Interactive learning, also known as eLearning, is a superior way of teaching children new languages but the options present on the market today use only traditional teaching methods and cannot offer all the benefits a web-based education tool can.
• They offer material on books or DVD’s which cannot be updated, offer reports or feedback, or be tailored to meet each child’s individual needs;
• They are costly, ranging in price from $90 - $250;
• They do not offer interactive educational games;
• There is no focus on accent training.
In contrast, GiftedSpeech, a new player in the language-teaching space, offers a completely online interactive solution. GiftedSpeech is the most personalized language-learning software to date, having been specifically designed for eLearning. It instructs children through entertaining computer modules, each of which contains an animated short story with foreign words strategically embedded in the narrative.

These words contain sounds common to several foreign languages, giving children the foundation for understanding a variety of languages - not just one - and familiarizes them with the kind of linguistic nuances needed to be accent free for life.
The Online Advantage
Being an online learning tool, GiftedSpeech can offer fresh content each month, which keeps children interested and engaged and allows for continuous learning without the need to buy new discs or install any updates. It also offers material that is “age appropriate”, increasing in difficulty as children grow and progress in their learning.
Each teaching module includes four fun games, a game-like test, and a recording session which allows children to record their own speech and then listen to it – a critical part of the learning process.

Children are encouraged to send their voice recordings to GiftedSpeech to obtain expert analysis and feedback, while parents and teachers can monitor progress with automated reports. GiftedSpeech can also personalize the learning experience over time, giving children extra activities in areas where they need more practice. Because the program is online and interactive, GiftedSpeech can view each user’s progress and send feedback and reminders to children and parents. Children can also be tested through real-time challenges. This kind of interaction is unique in the world of language education and simply cannot be emulated by a DVD product.
A Cultural Experience
Not only does GiftedSpeech teach multiple languages, but it also teaches multiple cultures. GiftedSpeech’s videos are purposefully designed to stimulate cultural awareness through everyday scenarios, like how members of different cultures greet each other or deal with gifts. These videos are both educational and entertaining, and provide parents with an exceptional opportunity to expose their children to different cultures and traditions.
An Affordable Option
GiftedSpeech offers an affordable and flexible way of learning. There are 2 payment options:
• A monthly subscription of $10 per month which allows for unlimited access to the existing language modules and to any new modules. It also allows access to "refresher" modules for children up to the age of 10;
• An "a la carte" option of between $20 - $35 for the basic modules of 1,2 or 3 languages, without an ongoing subscription to new content and refreshers.
About GiftedSpeech
GiftedSpeech was founded in 2010 by CEO Gadi BenMark, a Harvard MBA and licensed lawyer who speaks five languages. He is joined by a team of experts in linguistics and childhood language-education. The company is headquartered in New York. Its research-based and patent-pending software gives children a multi-language foundation, providing them with a life skill that is so important in today’s globalized world.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WiiWare Fluidity Turns Water-Based Physics Into Serious Games

Serious Games challenging our water-based physics skills

In my prior post World Of Goo: Construction Sim Turns Physics Lesson Into A Serious Game I had already surfaced the anecdotal use of commercial off the shelf (COTS) games to create engaging contexts for learning, thus working as Serious Games.

At that point, World of Goo (WiiWare) was an outstanding example on how this possibility could be taken much further - an ingenious, captivating game that turns physics into a sticky puzzle. Players could try their construction skills by using balls of Goo to create structures leading to an exit pipe.

Now, Nintendo has just launched Fluidity a WiiWare game that joins other Entertainment/Serious Games unique titles such as World of Goo.

Fluidity Invites Players To Embark On An Exciting Hydro Action Adventure By Controlling Water In Various Forms

Nintendo's Fluidity combines an amazing physics engine that realistically models flowing water with innovative puzzle game play.

Using the three forms of water - liquid, ice and cloud - players will solve challenging puzzles across multiple chapters of an illustrated magical book called Aquaticus. The game offers detailed tutorials that introduce basic game mechanics, but the complexity quickly ramps up as special powers are acquired and enemies are introduced, testing players' reflexes and ingenuity.

Game Play
A dark inky substance called the Influence has infested a magical illustrated encyclopedia called Aquaticus. As a pool of water that can take on alternate forms of ice and steam, you must overcome obstacles scattered across the pages of Aquaticus and save it from the corruptive Influence.
Players must manipulate a puddle of water through a series of puzzle mazes to build up the power to defeat the evil. Tilt and twist your Wii Remote controller to use the various forms and properties of water on your free-flowing journey through Aquaticus, where every page has multiple panels and illustrations that come to life.
The initial goal is to find coveted Rainbow Drops. The starting gameplay screen has four levels, three of which are locked. As you collect Drops, the level automatically unlocks doors, granting you access to more rooms inside the same level. As soon as you find a Drop, the game makes you exit the level, so you can’t plow through it trying to find all the Drops in one go.
Each magical Rainbow Drop will restore some of Aquaticus' power and allow it to open more chapters and grant you new powers.
These additional powers, such as sticking to objects as a block of ice or shooting bolts of lightning as a steam cloud, will be essential to destroying the Influence and its minions.

Along the way, you can also test your ingenuity and reflexes by finding hidden puzzle pieces. These pieces unlock playrooms that give you the opportunity to use the skills you've learned and race against the clock to complete as many challenges as possible. Fluidity offers the chance to slosh and slide your way through an imaginative environment filled with challenging adventures.

What starts off as a simple tilting affair soon evolves into some of the most refined gameplay mechanics ever slapped onto the Wii Remote.

Water-Based Physics
Fluidity relies on water-based physics, feature puzzle-solving and motion controls.
The gravity-based gameplay is very natural and easygoing. Tilting the controller left and right will send the water you control in those directions. You can also shake the Wii Remote to have the water splash around to collect items.
Because this is a physics-based game, you can take full advantage of water’s various forms. It’s especially interesting manipulating water’s forms to uncover secrets and collects extra items. Ice and vapor add a different spin on the gameplay as well as keep the whole experience feeling fresh throughout.

As stated by RunDLC, “It’s a neat concept that, when put in motion, packs a challenge. The only way to survive is to amass the largest body of water possible, but that’s easier said than done, since it behaves exactly as it should. Fly over a ramp, and you’ll lose tiny droplets that, if they don’t rejoin the bigger mass of water, evaporate and become lost forever.”
“The biggest star is the water and how it behaves within the environment. The developers deserve kudos for nailing the physics.”

Fluidity is the type of game that makes us proud to own a Wii, and even prouder to support WiiWare. The impressive physics, tilt controls and presentation combine to form one of the more intriguing downloadable titles we've played in some time.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Immersive Technologies: Serious Games For Custom Mine Sites

Serious Games creating a replica of your own mining environment

Via: Immersive Technologies - Serious Games Training In A Virtual Replica Of Your Own Mining Environment

Immersive Technologies is a world leading supplier of equipment training simulators for the mining and earthmoving industries, providing comprehensive training solutions for many of the world largest mine sites.

These solutions are often considered vital by the leading mining companies such as BHP Billiton, Vale and Rio Tinto. From Congo to Northern Canada mines are increasing safety and reducing their cost per ton by using SIMS to improve their operators' performance.

Custom Mine Sites (CMS) use a combination of satellite imagery, site geographical data, GPS coordinates, detailed site visits and consultation with the mine training coordinator to develop a highly realistic and accurate training environment for use with Advanced Equipment Simulator. Training within a CMS delivers increased site familiarization, site specific emergency and procedure training, while improving operator confidence prior to entering actual pit operations.
In this case, Serious Games work as mine modelers that include site-specifics and editable environmental conditions.
Immersive Technologies has put significant resources into developing capabilities within training curriculum design, simulation integration, data analysis and business improvement methodologies to rapidly deliver value to various mine stakeholders for ongoing continuous improvement,” says Paul Davis, the company’s Vice-President, Asia Pacific, Africa & Europe.

He said an example of how Immersive Technologies was working holistically with big miners to build bridges between operator competencies and operational metrics, could be seen at Xstrata Copper’s Lomas Bayas operation in Chile where a Business Improvement (BI) project facilitated by Immersive Technologies, evaluating the impact of advanced SIM training on site safety and cost control, was recently completed: a 42% reduction in incorrect brake use and 51% reduction in overall errors were recorded in simulation.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

CliniSpace @ 2010 I/ITSEC Serious Games Challenge - Showcase Area

Serious Games providing health care professionals with immersive and collaborative training experiences

CliniSpace by Innovation in Learning Inc.
Medical training for healthcare professionals focusing on clinical diagnosis and patient management under time pressure

CliniSpace™ is a full 3D, browser-based platform developed by virtual health care training firm Innovation in Learning in partnership with India-based Indusgeeks  to provide health care professionals with immersive and collaborative training experiences.
CliniSpace™ is available both as Software as a Service (SaaS) and as Licensed Software and addresses pre-existing concerns on the usability and learning performance of clinical health spaces SIMS for training healthcare professionals.
This multi-user, highly interactive Serious Game runs on commodity computers, was one of the 2010 Serious Games Showcase $ Challenge in the category business games.

The CliniSpace™ environment is equipped with interactive medical objects - bed, IV stand, oxygen, suction, medications, supplies, EKG, ultrasound, AED, and more.

A Dynapatient™ is a customizable virtual patient with a dynamic pathophysiology. Users can affect the outcome of the patient by accessing a range of medical interventions and records. Testing, assessment and tracking systems are additional features made available as well as collaborating in the multi-user environment via text as well as voice chat.

Here is CliniSpace Serious Game as showcased at I/ITSEC 2010 - the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Pavilion, this week in Orlando.

Muzzy Lane’s Marketing 101 Wins Serious Games Showcase & Challenge For Business

Serious Games for learning and applying marketing fundamentals

A 3D representation of a Marketplace

Muzzy Lane is the 2010 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge winner for the business game category with Marketing 101 - The Principles of Marketing.

Developed for McGraw Hill Higher Education Education UK/ Marketing 101 - The Principles of Marketing is a 3D turn-based Serious Game intended to teach college kids the principles of product marketing and competition.

In the game, players are able to fully experience the seven underlying principles upon which to base marketing strategy and efforts: Image, Differentiation, Repeat Business, Ease of Doing Business, Networking, Likeability, and Emotion.


You’ve been selected to manage a company’s new entry into the backpack market. Your first step in the game is to create a strong product that appeals to a specific market segment and price it appropriately.

You are upfront presented with the info you need to analyze the market, provided by market research, who has narrowed the backpack market down to five potential segments for you to consider targeting, selecting the one that looks the most promising.

Once you have selected a target market, you can use the backpack builder to design a pack that meets the needs of its particular demographic.

Before you put it the market you have to set a competitive price.

Then you have to negotiate distribution agreements with retail channels and pick how the bag is marketed and advertised.

At the end of each turn, you can review and submit your marketing decisions and then see your quarterly /yearly P&L (Profit &Loss) data, market trends and positioning, competitors’ data and customers’ feedback, among several other results.

The game is robust for testing your “adherence” to marketing fundamentals and incredibly fun.

Here is Marketing 101 as showcased at I/ITSEC 2010 - the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Pavilion, this week in Orlando.