Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tax Relief Scheme For Videogames Industry In UK

Serious Games Market could benefit from tax relief

Via: ELSPA – Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (to become UK Interactive Entertainment Association)

London, United Kingdom, 24 March, 2010 - ELSPA, the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association, was delighted to hear in last week’s budget statement the commitment from the government towards a tax relief scheme for the videogames industry.

It reflects the growing cultural and economic importance of the industry to the UK economy and the efforts of the entire industry to receive greater government recognition. ELSPA welcomes this announcement and looks forward to working closely with government during the consultation period over the summer.

The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association represents all the major publishers of games in the UK. Founded in 1989 to establish a specific and collective identity for the country’s interactive leisure software industry, membership includes companies publishing and distributing leisure software in the UK.

ELSPA works with members and media to illustrate the beneficial contributions that the UK videogames industry makes to the British economy as well as its influence in other industries.

Andy Payne, ELSPA Chairman and MD of Mastertronic Group said “The UK computer and videogames industry, ELSPA and TIGA, have been in discussions with Government for the last four years to examine ways that we can work together to capitalize on the wealth of talent and significant provenance here in the UK. It is absolutely heartening news to hear that the Chancellor has offered support for one of the country’s leading creative digital businesses. This is a very significant day for the computer and videogames business in the UK.”