Saturday, December 20, 2014

Info-Sentinel: An Evolving Serious Game Creation

Serious Games Showcase & Challenge 2014 Award Winners

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MAVI Interactive is this year’s winner in the Best Industry Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge with Info Sentinel – Travel Security. This award is commonly the hardest fought award for the historically largest category.

As reported by Team Orlando, MAVI Interactive first participated in 2009, and was selected a finalist that year. Although they have also been a finalist in each of their other two years of participation (2011 and 2012), this year was the first time they advanced from a finalist to a category winner.

Previous versions of this game were branded Agent Surefire and already embedded a most impressive game element: an intelligent data logging on player’s behavior that provided fully synchronous feedback on player’s successes, failures and hesitations, interactions with key objects, or simply lack of action in the face of breach-related events.

This year’s version branded Info-Sentinel: Travel Security is most successful in training players to adopt an appropriate behavior to protect company's information and their own personal data while travelling.

When compared to the previous versions of the game, Info-Sentinel represents a major step improvement: the game has significantly gained in technical quality – both in terms of visual and audio fidelity, as well as in the variety of settings made available for players to uncover potential vulnerabilities, handle incidents and perform corrective actions in a diverse, fun and engaging way.

These elements have largely contributed to promote deeper immersion and consolidate its genre as a security adventure game.

Info-Sentinel sustains the merit of intensively training players on daily best practices while they experience the storyline and uncover elements of the story, thus creating the desired tension between acquiring new skills and enjoying game play.

“We received valuable feedback from the committee with each year’s iteration of this game that we submitted, said Bora Aytun, co-founder and CEO of MAVI Interactive. “We addressed those points, and built the entire game on the feedback of the evaluators.”

“We really didn’t expect to win,” Aytun added. “We don’t go into it trying to win — we’re just trying to do everything we can to create the best game possible, and have as much fun as possible. This is pretty exciting for our whole team!”

“We have a new product that’s almost finished and we’ll be ready to submit for next year as soon as the doors open,” he said.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Muzzy Lane Wins Student's Choice Award @ SGS&C 2014

Serious Games Showcase & Challenge Awards Announcement

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The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom, developed by Muzzy Lane Software for National Geographic Education is the winner of the Students’ Choice Award at I/ITSEC 2014, being held in Orlando this week.

This award was selected by middle and high school students from the games that address the learning needs of this demographic and is one of the seven awards granted at the 10th edition of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge:

-      Best in each of the 3 Development Categories – Student, Business and Government
-      Student’s Choice
-      People’s Choice
-      Special Emphasis and
-      Mobile

The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge at I/ITSEC 2014

The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom by Muzzy Lane Software is a “choose your own journey” style game that incorporates 3-D experiences as students make a series of choices that affect their journey.

Played from a first-person perspective, the game immerses students in the action as they play the role of a slave escaping from a southern plantation and heading north toward freedom.

Along the route, students make key decisions that lead them to one of several possible outcomes.

The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom Booth at I/ITSEC 2014

Game Background

The Underground Railroad was a secret network organized by people who helped men, women, and children escape from slavery to freedom. It operated before the Civil War (1861-1865) ended slavery in the United States. The Underground Railroad provided hiding places, food, and often transportation for the fugitives who were trying to escape slavery. Along the way, people also provided directions for the safest way to get further north on the dangerous journey to freedom.

The people who helped slaves escape were called "conductors" or "engineers." The places along the escape route were called "stations." Sometimes escaping slaves were called "passengers." Sometimes they were called "cargo" or "goods." Conductors helped passengers get from one station to the next. Sometimes they traveled with escaping slaves all the way from the South, where they had been slaves, to the North or to Canada, where they would be free. Sometimes the conductors traveled only a short distance and then handed the escaping slaves to another helper. Engineers, who were the leaders of the Underground Railroad, helped slaves who were running away by providing them with food, shelter, and sometimes jobs. They hid the slaves from people who were trying to catch them and return them to slavery.

A well-organized network of people, who worked together in secret, ran the Underground Railroad. The work of the Underground Railroad resulted in freedom for many men, women, and children. It also helped undermine the institution of slavery, which was finally ended in the United States during the Civil War.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Beta Testers Needed for SinaSprite Mobile Serious Game

Serious Games for gaming a better health 

Following my prior post SeriousGames As An Alternative To Traditional Depression Treatments, Litesprite is looking for its first set of beta testers for the mobile Serious Game SinaSprite.

Litesprite is one of the winners of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s competition “Games To Generate Data Challenge” that targets population health. They are building games to target a variety of chronic health conditions like stress, anxiety/depression, diabetes or asthma and were recently featured on NPR's KUOW Morning Edition and NBC King 5's Tech Talk.

The game being tested, SinaSprite, helps people manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

Testers get:
1. Free access to a 6 week program that teaches proven stress management techniques
2. Free access to an on-demand self-help tool
3. Progress report at the end of the study

If you or a friend would like to participate in the study, please reply to socks at

Tester Requirements:
1. Age 18 years or older.
2. English-speaking.
3. In possession of a personal iPhone (iOs 8) or Android phone or tablet (Kindle, Nook) capable of downloading the SinaSprite game for use during the study. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

@ Indiegogo Board Serious Game For Kids To Develop Ethical Leadership

Serious Games Challenging Us to Play at Building a Better Future

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Dimuthu Nuwan Calyaneratne from Sri Lanka has kicked-off an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to support the development of a Board Serious Game that addresses ethical leadership qualities based on Buddhist principles: DITTE'

Intended for 10 year olds and above, the game is to be marketed locally (the population of Sri Lanka is 20 Million total and the developer’s goal is to sell 10,000 game sets at the rate of $ 10.00 each).

Aligned with Prof. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory & Prof. Nonaka's Dynamic Theory of organizational knowledge creation, the game emulates the organizational context as a household with parents and children or a classroom headed by a teacher.

The following are the ten fundamental Ethical Leadership Qualities, envisioned by Dimuthu Calyaneratne, that can be experienced through the game:

1.     Dana  (Gifting wisdom / Show the way)
2.     Parithyaga  (Sacrifice)
3.     Sila  (Virtue or self-discipline)
4.     Thapasa  (Austerity)
5.     Riju  (Uprightness)
6.     Mrudu  (Softness)
7.     Avihimsa  (Non-harm)
8.     Akroda  (Non-ill-will)
9.     Khanthi  (Patience & Forbearance)
10.   Avirodita  (Non-conflict/ Stay Focused)                                                                                                       
The developer emphasizes that the game allows players to experience duality: not only the above leadership attributes, but also what he calls the negative ones such as impatience and angerAccording to Dimuthu, every game turn is a lesson in life: players enjoy the yellow card based game while building inner strength for leadership.

If you want to back the project please follow the link Support Sri Lanka Leadership Board Game for Kids

Mock-up of Ditte' Board Game

Gameplay Overview

Any number of players can play the game that ends when a player reaches the crown, representing his/her coronation. Players advance according to the values obtained when the six sided dice is tossed and activities performed based on the ten fundamental qualities of leadership (as per the yellow cards picked at the yellow boxes). Players level-up at #2 #3 and #4 “gates”, each level requiring a specific number of yellow cards they must collect. The intention is to simulate situations that make the player realize the value of ethical leadership.